Reflections: What I learnt From Visiting POSH Xanadu

Back May 21, 2019

POSH Xanadu is currently providing accommodation support to Petrobras in the Campos Basin

Senior Technical Executive of POSH Fleet Services, Valerie Lee, visited POSH Xanadu at the Gulf of Mexico where the vessel was preparing for her mobilisation for the Petrobras charter. Upon the completion of her visit, we sat down with her to learn more about her time onboard.

"I had the opportunity to visit POSH Xanadu, the 750-pax SSAV during her yard stay in Galveston, Texas, as she underwent preparation to be mobilised for the Petrobras charter. It was an invaluable experience that reinforced how every job needs utmost commitment and resourcefulness from the entire team given the unpredictable nature of our industry.

Coming from a newbuild and marine ship management background, I was thrilled to be part of the technical management team for POSH Xanadu - one of our largest assets and a world-class flotel.

Seeing the vessel in person was indeed eye-opening, but we had to hit the ground running. With only a month in between the charters, we went through extensive planning months before to make the most of the narrow timeframe. We now had to put our plan to action and manage a multitude of tasks that required deep knowledge and extensive coordination across the commercial, operational, technical, purchasing and crewing departments.

We eventually achieved nearly all of what we set out to accomplish. This was no mean feat given the size of the vessel, the sheer complexity of the jobs and the unexpected challenges.

All in all, aside from maintenance works such as for its thrusters, the overhaul of its four main diesel generators, and health checks for the Liebherr Deck Cranes and Telescopic Gangway, POSH Xanadu set off with enhancements including a thruster condition monitoring system and a follow target quick response for our DP System.

Working with such an experienced, ingenious and dynamic team both offshore and onshore for this project has truly been a privilege, as I witnessed how we delivered excellent outcomes for our clients as part of our "ONE TEAM" culture here at POSH."

POSH Xanadu is presently chartered to Petrobras to provide accommodation support for a period of eight months, with an option for an additional eight-month extension. This is the second charter POSH Xanadu has won from Petrobras, having supported the company between 2015 and 2016.

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